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Jerhigh Liv Stix

Jerhigh Liv Stix

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JerHigh Liv Stix is a super yummy snack for your doggos. This one makes for a delicious snack made from real chicken liver that is soft, juicy, and aromatic for your pup. It is high in its nutritional value and makes your pooches drool and will also keep their tummy healthy!

- Tasty snack for dogs
- Suitable for all breeds
- High in Protein
- Made with real chicken liver

chicken meat, chicken liver, wheat flour, glycerin, tapioca, starch, water, wheat gluten, soy, lecithin, sugar, powdered cellulose, smoke flavour, caramel (colour), salt, sodium tripolyphosphate, fish oil, gelatin, sucrose, starch, sodium, ascorbate, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, tricalcium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, alpha-tocopherol