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About us

Petstreet Virtual Store is an e-commerce platform for you to buy the largest variety of pet products and accessories from. Petstreet, as a brand, is known in the market to provide the largest range of products and services under its umbrella.

Our products & services include five retail stores, three grooming salons, three veterinary clinics, one dog bakery, one dog resort and boarding centre, and aquarium cleaning and installation services across Ghaziabad and Noida in Delhi NCR.


Our History

Our story began in 2005, in a 1BHK rented apartment in Delhi. Petstreet's founder couple, Mrs Shalini Wadhwa & Mr Rajesh Wadhwa, were looking for ways to come out of debt to provide a better lifestyle for their children.  

Inspired by their love for dogs, they decided to register for Kennel Club of India and within a few years, they became the most sought after, ethical & licensed breeders of St Bernards and Neapolitan Mastiffs across India.

However, Authentic Kennel & Dog Home were destined to be shut because the emotional disruption and heartbreak was extremely high when the dogs used to come of age and depart; or when the pups wouldn't survive, it would take a toll on the family’s mental health. Hence, these ventures were closed in 2010 marking a complete stop on sale and purchase of dogs.

In 2010, Petstreet was born. It started out as one retail store of aquariums and pet products in Sector 27, Atta Market, Noida, which was a hit in the market because of the expertise and free counseling that was provided by the couple to every walk-in client. They soon went on to open another retail store in Indirapuram in 2013 where Mrs Shalini Wadhwa launched a veterinary clinic and a grooming salon, after which there was no looking back. Cut to 2020, we have 4 retail stores and 1 dog resort under Petstreet, and all of them are run by the Wadhwa family members. 


The Wadhwa couple, Rajesh & Shalini, have ventures like Authentic Kennel, Petstreet retail stores, grooming salons and veterinary clinics under their belt.

The Wadhwa kids, Sonali & Ravit decided to pursue the family business from 2016 & 2018 respectively. 

In 2018, Mr Ravit Wadhwa launched Petstreet’s first kiosk in Pacific Mall, Sahibabad, which was then shifted to Hyde Park Crown, Sector 78, Noida.

In 2017, Mrs Sonali Wadhwa launched Petstreet Cafe, a cafeteria for dogs and humans where she used to run a dog boarding center as well. Petstreet Cafe was a huge hit amongst the youth as it allowed kids and young people who don’t have any dogs of their own to come and play with dogs in the cafe. It was further expanded into a resort in 2019, now called the Petstreet Resort in Noida. In 2020, Mrs Sonali Wadhwa has also managed to launch this Virtual Store with her team.

In 2020, Mr Rohit Sharma, Sonali’s husband, launched another retail store with a grooming salon in Sector 137, Noida.

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Our Family is a team & Our Team is a family



Co-Founder & Managing Director

Mrs Wadhwa is the mother of this little empire, Petstreet, it's her brainchild. From Dog Home to Petstreet, Mrs Wadhwa has been the force behind it. She runs the Indirapuram outlet of Petstreet.



Co-Founder & CFO

Mr Wadhwa founded Petstreet & Dog Home with his wife, Shalini Wadhwa. He has been taking care of the legal & financial aspects of the brand ever since. He runs the Indirapuram & Atta Market outlet of Petstreet.




Mrs Sonali Wadhwa joined the family business in 2015, when she was 19 years old and has launched 3 ventures ever since. - the Cafe, the Resort & the Virtual Store. Sonali also runs a charity called Petstreet Good Hearts for animals in need.



Managing Director & HR Head 

Ravit Wadhwa, later, joined the business in 2018 with a shopping kiosk in Pacific Mall, Kaushambi and now runs the Petstreet Store, Spa & Aquarium located in Sector 78, Noida. He also handles our HR department and management.



Store Owner

Rohit Sharma runs the Petstreet Store, Aquariums and Grooming Salon located in Sector 137, Noida and runs Petstreet Resort with his wife, Sonali Wadhwa.

About Gucci

Gucci is Petstreet's bawse babe and our brand ambassador. She likes to work alongside her hoomans in Indirapuram's store. She has become a famous personality within our client community. Her job description is to greet every walk-in client with her squealy (and aggressive) borks. She is full of wisdom and hence, you'll see her spreading her words of wisdom "Gucci Gyaan" throughout our virtual store in the form of pro-tips and blogs.

Gucci also leads a gang of 2 women and 3 men, called the Gucci Gang, duh!? You can follow them on Instagram: @guccigangpetstreet

About us

Our History

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