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First Bark - Duck & Cod Sandwich

First Bark - Duck & Cod Sandwich

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Your dog will love First Bark - Duck & Cod Sandwich treats. They are a unique flavor that will keep your dog coming back for more, and they're high in protein which will give your dog energy. There are no filler ingredients and the fatty acids will help your dog grow a healthy coat of fur.

• Product Type: Dog Treats
• Delicious, unique flavor your dog will love
• Chewy, which encourages good dental hygiene
• Recommend 1 - 2 treats for small dogs, 3 - 5 for large dogs
• Check for possible allergens
• Consult your vet before altering your pet's diet
• Always keep fresh water available for your pet

Gucci Gyaan: Treats can take up to 10% of your dog's daily calorie allowance. Your dog will love the Duck & Cod Sandwich treats as part of their daily diet.

Ingredients: Duck meat, cod slice, vegetable protein, glycerine, sorbitol, corn starch, salt