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Applaws  Adult (Broth) - Chicken Breasts

Applaws Adult (Broth) - Chicken Breasts

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Maybe to most of the outside world, your cat may seem like a haughty and unaffectionate creature. Cat owners, however, know just how adorable their cats can be, despite their bad reputation. That’s why you want the best for your kitty.
Well, give these cat food recipes a big round of Applaws, please, because they have managed to create the all-in-one nutrient-packed meal your feline companion needs to stay fit, healthy and always fall on their stealthy feet.
Delicious chicken breast chunks swimming in a tasty broth make this a delicious and healthy complement for your cat’s diet that will surely break the monotony of dry food!
• High in protein – essential for their proper muscle development, but also for easy digestion
• Enriched with taurine, one of the building blocks for your cat’s vision
• Contains 80% moisture to keep your cat hydrated
• Made with all-natural ingredients
• Always follow recommended feeding rations and frequency
• Consult with your vet for more information on your pet’s diet