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Vetoquinol Samfur

Vetoquinol Samfur

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Does your pet's fur need some assistance? Vetoquinol Samfur provides the nutrients required for cats and dogs to grow thick, soft, healthy coats. The natural egg protein along with the biotin encourage hair growth and protects it from damage. This natural food supplement can be added to your dog's food or to a treat. 

• Product Type: Supplement
• Encourages hair growth
• Helps make coat glossy and soft
• Great for both cats and dogs
• Recommend 10g daily for cats and 15g daily for dogs
• Check for possible allergens
• Consult your vet before altering your pet's diet
• Always keep fresh water available for your pet

Gucci Gyaan: If your pet suffers from mange infestation or dermatitis, this product will assist in promoting hair growth.

Ingredients: Milk powder, egg powder, carbohydrate, pure ghee & wheat powder